Von Nohrfeldt Ensemble & Naïvi – Live at Rewire & The Rest Is Noise

The software is based on the software written for Year Of The Horse and features individual panel controls in the form of filter stacks. These filter stacks are made of specific controls and shaders that belong to a single LED panel. All of these elements are driven by frequency bands sampled from the music. All panels share the same (modified) source texture that can be mapped using a uv layout system.

Presets allowed me to create a specific look for a particular part of the show, and quickly switch between these states. Every state is modified live by a UPC-16 and Ipad midi controller.

The software is written from scratch in C++ using OF and OpenGL, the panels are custom build.


The ipad midi controller, used for selecting audio frequency bands per panel together with intensity and influence. The UPC-16 with only rotary controls is used to apply additional shader effects on top of the textures sampled from the video source.

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